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The World Health Organization defined health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Though never being adapted of the last 60 years. Although criticized, many still use this definition today. Austin Align likes to add that, if he brain’s ability to communicate with any part of the body, without interference, then the body can preform at it’s full potential.


The use of hands by a trained chiropractor to rid of interference aka subluxations. Subluxation is a fancy word that chiropractors use to define the misalignment of bones.  Subluxations can be found in the spine or else where in the body. Subluxations are corrected by chiropractors through an adjustments. A chiropractic adjustment at austin align chiropractic and rehab, also known as chiropractic manipulation, chiropractor adjustment, or manual manipulation is a gentle yet effective thrust to a misaligned bone, usually through the use of hands.

Myofascial Release

Small tears in muscles and also the muscles not getting enough oxygen, can cause muscles to build up adhesions. Adhesions build up when tissue is rebuild, but not in the correct direction. Along with chiropractic adjustments,chiropractor can also do  myofasical release, that can help to enhance the healing process.


Light exercises design to get you back to perform functions with out extra pain. From stretching to corrective exercises, rehab is key when injured. Chiropractic rehab exercises focuses on specific muscles, that may be inhibited and those that are facilitated.  Muscles can affect the bodies alignment when there is an imbalance.  If one muscle is pulling in one direction, compared to it’s counter part, it can cause bones to become subluxated.  Chiropractors work to on only align bones back into place, but to balance out muscles.

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